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Elementary, My Dear Watson

Saguru Hakuba ♘
29 August 1973
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Saguru (探) Hakuba (白馬)


Saguru Hakuba

Sign: Virgo
Bloody type: A

This journal is purely fictional and for entertainment in the purpose of rp, and is not meant to be taken seriously | standard disclaimers apply

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Hakuba is a 2nd year transfer student to Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori's high school (Ekoda) who also happens to be a detective, He was born in Japan but then studied at London. Hakuba has come the closest to catching Kaitou Kid, apart from Shinichi Kudou. He is very certain that Kaito is Kaitou Kid, however he doesn't have enough evidence proving that theory.

He’s polite, smart and a gentleman, especially to ladies and also extremely sensitive about time. He’s usually a calm person but Kuroba/KID can made him lost his temper. He loves competition and difficult things motive him. Hakuba keeps a clock with him most of the time and he’s also a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (he dresses in an Inverness cape and deerstalker sometimes) and have a hawk as a pet named Watson.

Hakuba is intelligent and perceptive like Shinichi, a bit more serious, cautious and very very analytic, but he tends to have some problems to understand other people motivations (he even ask directly to the criminals “why they you commit the crime."). He is the son of high police official who’s Ginzo’s Nakamori superior, and helps the police solving the crimes. Hakuba is very self-assured and can be a bit pompous and territorial when it comes to Kaito kid so inspector Nakamori (Aoko’s father) didn’t like him much for that reason. The other reason is that Hakuba alone can do his job a way better than he and the task Force together.